I am a prior – and future – digital nomad who being part of the financial independence and retire early (FIRE) community, the digital nomad (DN) community and to a lesser extent the real estate investor (REI) community have decided to create a website to combine all of these community resources in one place for easy lookup.

By trade I am a software and data engineer with a bent to data science and operations who spent a lot of time in the marketing world.

My goal with FINomad is to combine elements of FI/FIRE, Digital nomad-ism (geoarb) and REI into one and use methods from all three communities to craft my own path. Not being married to one discipline I can mix and match from each. There are a lot of interesting paths and financial models I want to explore.

This site will be tracking my development, my methodologies and my progress towards hopeful financial independence using tools from REI, FI and DN.


The goal of F.I. Nomad is severalfold.

  • Collect tools, spreadsheets, links, books and podcasts and so forth for (I’ll coin it now: FIREIDN):

    • Digital nomads (travel, credit card churning, living frugal etc)
    • Financial independence and early retirement (investments, retirement accounts, frugality and taxes etc)
    • Real estate investing (financing and mortgages, property data engineering, housing hacks)
  • Provide unique and in-depth analysis and tools for a journey that uses the tools and techniques from all three of these communities and combines them in interesting and innovative ways to try to become FI (financially independent) faster.

  • Collect and track the progress of the author.

  • Provide cookbooks for building blogs, affiliate marketing, email marketing, tools, data scrapers and parsing tools, data analysis, machine learning with real estate data using H2O, Spark, and potentially AWS Sagemaker.

  • Documenting my path to getting a real estate license if it is determined that it is needed.

and maybe, just maybe, make the world a bit better in the process.

note that I will provide links to affiliates to maybe help offset some time invested here.

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About FINomad
FINomad is a life hacker, nomad and new father who is working towards financial independence.
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