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The real estate investment crowd are typically local in their scope but, they are similar to digital nomads in that they are bootstrapping businesses and similar to the FI crowd in that those purchases for the business (investments) need to have very specific numbers in line to “cash flow” correctly so eventually you can quit your day job. This can be a very fast path to FI but requires a lot of research, excellent credit scores, and patience. Additionally there are a lot of scams and people who call themselves gurus in this space so a lot of my focus is on the primary legit site BiggerPoockets which is no-nonsense advice and help along with a good community of people.

The main concerns with REI folks are getting good deals where the numbers line up, location, interest rates.

There are many ways people make money in REI but here at F.I. Nomad I am very specifically interested in multi-family units and the strategy called BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).



  • BP blog
    BP is a dominant force in REI.
  • REI tipster
    tips and tricks for part time REI’s
  • Afford anything
    blog about real estate with a decidedly FI/FIRE bent.
  • Coach Carson
    A blog about real estate with a focus on FI/FIRE and a dash of DN.
  • Rich on Money
    Another real estate centered blog with a focus on FI/FIRE.

Online REI investments

  • Roofstock if you want the easyway, this is it: “With as little as $20K down, you can own a cash-flowing, single-family rental home and start earning income the day after you close. Reap all the benefits of being a real estate investor without the hassles of being a landlord.”
  • Fundrise invest in real estate portfolio’s with as little as $500

Sites and tools


  • BP podcast
    probably my favorite podcast of all of them, there are 270 of them, I am nowhere close to being done.
  • Realestate guys
    lots of tips and talk.

Being a landlord

  • Landlordology
    Listing of state laws, tips and tricks for landlords, forms and advice for screening.
  • roof.io
    for a landlord with a small number of units (also useful for people with roommates)
  • BP landlord forms
    forms by state, lawyer approved.


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